Worldwide Wind Information and Nautical Charts- now free on offers free worldwide live wind conditions and wind forecasts, plus extensive nautical chart coverage, layered on top of Google’s satellite imagery of the world.

Worldwide Wind Conditions and Forecasts
BlooSee users are now able to look up wind conditions and forecasts anywhere in the world, using a powerful, interactive map interface.  Wind information automatically gets more and more local as you zoom in, and turns more and more global as you zoom out.

Wind speed and directions are shown as arrows and color areas layered over BlooSee’s map, which uses the same satellite imagery as Google Maps and Google Earth.  A slider control allows the user to adjust the transparency of the wind layer, while a time slider control provides wind predictions for the next 6, 12, 18 and 24 hours.

Screenshot of SF Bay Wind Forecast

Official Nautical Charts
A new Nautical Chart feature allows users to view official nautical charts for North America (NOAA), Brazil, New Zealand, and the vast majority of the Pacific Ocean.

A slider control allows the user to adjust the transparency of the nautical charts.  The resolution and detail of the charts change automatically as users zoom in and out.

BlooSee has plans to extend official nautical chart coverage to the entire planet very soon.

Screenshot of New Zealand Chart

About BlooSee
BlooSee is a web and mobile publishing platform for all ocean information, and a social network for ocean enthusiasts, marine businesses, and ocean conservationists.

In addition, BlooSee is bringing Web 2.0 to the oceans, allowing people from all over the world to map and share information about the sea Wikipedia-style, using a very intuitive interface and the same satellite imagery as Google Maps / Google Earth.

BlooSee is in public beta and open to all users for free at

A free iPhone app is available, and an Android version is coming soon. is a service of BlooSee, Inc., headquartered in San Francisco, California.