World Ocean Day

On June 7th, many of our friends and members will be joining Project Kaisei for World Ocean Day, the World’s First Combined Ocean Sports Clean-up Effort.

The Sail & Pick information:
When: June 7th, 2009
Where: Your local water, the SF Bay
Time: Any 3-hour period
What: A 3-hour competition to see who can collect the most debris.
More information about the Sail & Pick here…

Project Kaisei consists of a team of innovators, ocean lovers, sailors, scientists, sports enthusiasts and environmentalists who have come together with a common purpose. To study how to capture plastic waste in the ocean and how to capture, detoxify and recycle it into diesel fuel. This first research Mission, scheduled for the summer of 2009, will be critical to understanding the logistics that will be needed to make a successful clean-up operation possible as some of the technology required for such a feat has never been utilised under oceanic conditions.