Women’s Sail to Angel Island

There’s been a long history of dedicated Women’s Sailing groups at OCSC. Amazing women who have done a fantastic job organizing events and engaging other women in the sport. This weekend was the first Women’s Sailing event that was hosted by Alicia Witham, OCSC Instructor.  Here’s a synopsis of the day in her words…

15 OCSC women members of varying skill levels assembled at 0900 for breakfast and an overview of our day together. We talked of logistics for the day and goals for the day as well as future women’s programs. With great excitement we headed to the boats and rigged and I was available to fill in any questions and needs. We sailed for the most part in convoy to Angel Island, avoiding racing boats as well as shipping traffic. Due to our arrival time we did not hiked but enjoyed lunch and good conversation. We had a swift and invigorating sail back to OCSC where we said our good byes and hopes for the future of women’s programs at OCSC. A big thank you to the women that stepped up to be skippers for the day, delightful and very helpful.
Overall a great day. It was wonderful for me to meet and engage with the dynamic women of OCSC. My hopes are to continue to put together fun and educational sailing events for the women who attended and to attract and include any other OCSC women who might be interested.
You can see some photos from the day on the OCSC Facebook Page.

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