Voyage of the Plastiki

A computer rendering of what the Plastiki will look like

A computer rendering of what the Plastiki will look like

We have been following the voyage of the Plastiki since we first learned of their trip in this National Geographic Article.  The premise of the Plastiki is to build a boat out of recycled plastic bottles and sail it across the ocean to bring attention to the incredible amount of waste that is accumulating in the worlds oceans.  We have stopped by Pier 31 every few weeks to check on the progress of the fateful ship.  In the beginning, it was very difficult to see how they would make it all come together.

Boatbuilder Evalotte Schildmeier works on the Plastiki (Mark Costantini / The Chronicle)

Boat builder Evalotte Schildmeier works on the Plastiki

Upon further visits, it was interesting to see the project come together with the increasing level of involvement.  The project has been pushed back several months already and leaving by April will be a monumental task.  Nonetheless, it is very interesting to see the thought and creativity that is required to build a boat out of plastic bottles.  The chronicle has just posted a story about the Plastiki that an includes an interview with the project mastermind, David de Rothschild.

A handful of young men and women are constructing one of the strangest vessels ever seen on the San Francisco waterfront – a fantastic plastic catamaran made of cast-off plastic bottles filled with dry ice.

When it is finished, sometime next month, the boat, a 60-foot catamaran named Plastiki, will sail out the Golden Gate bound across the Pacific for Australia, a voyage that will be either an absolute disaster or a huge sensation.  Read the rest of the SFGate article ….

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  1. Marin - -

    we were there for the launch of the vessle, and it looked pretty stable. fingers cross, eh?

    they also have a garden on board, from which they will eat kale and greens of all kinds from. we got an interview from them on how they did it. its a crazy engineering feat:

  2. Tom Triglav

    I sure hope that they have crazy glued the bottle lids on as I heard that they do unscrew, the bottles fill up with water and then I guess you are in the water with the sharks. Please be so kind to advise the builders of this problem.

  3. Val

    I’ve read about your plans in the Readers Digest article. My very best wishes go with you. It’s a shame the trip has been put back but there must be a good reason for this. Stay safe and come out alive – bring us information, not dead people. >^..^<

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