Volvo Ocean Race Leg 5: Quindao to Rio de Janeiro

Called “the Everest of sailing”, the Volvo Ocean Race is a 37,000 mile sailboat race with stops at 11 ports around the world taking the competitors 9 months to complete.

Here’s a little sample of what this race is all about:

The 2008-2009 race began in October 2008 out of Alicante Spain, and will finish in St. Petersburg, Russia in June of 2009. Out of the 8 teams that started the race only one has dropped out, two are down for repairs for this leg and the 5 remaining are currently sailing near Fiji in the South Pacific on their way to Rio de Janeiro.

As we write this post, USA’s Puma Ocean Racing skippered by Ken Read is sitting in the lead (for this leg) with the others close behind. To see a virtual raceviewer visit the official Volvo Ocean Race site. The teams are each sailing aboard Volvo Open 70‘s and if you’d like to learn more about these amazing boats, click here. There is also a 3-D Yacht Tour so you can explore the Volvo Open 70… virtually.

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  1. Max Fancher

    Thanks Andy! Took your input and added more clarification to the post. Very cool indeed!!

  2. Andy

    Puma Ocean Racing is (WAS. I just checked the latest report.) leading the leg, but not the overall race.

    Also, 5 of the 8 boats are sailing the current leg. 2 of the boats not participating in this leg are just down for repairs. The only boat that is out of the overall race indefinitely is Team Russia.

    Just clearing some things up.

    But seriously, check it out. It’s some of most extreme sailing you’ll ever see. Definitely cool.

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