Turkey Flotilla Planning Party Recap


The second planning party for the 2010 Turkey Flotilla was on Saturday Night.  We had a good turnout with about 15 enthusiastic and interested people thinking about taking the trip with us next year.

We started the night by watching a short video of hot air balloon trips through Turkish villages and countryside. The ballooning was incredible; the basket floated, literally, right down tight alleyways and past shop and home windows. Anthony Sandberg, OCSC President and Founder as well as Turkey Flotilla Trip Leader, told us stories to accompany the unbelievable balloon footage.

“We were floating so close to the street that a coffee cart vendor literally served us coffee.” Anthony explained.  The balloon video was footage from world famous ballooners who also happen to be friends of the club. Ballooning, as we learned, was just one more of the exciting things to do in addition to the 2 weeks of picturesque sailing.

Anthony took us through a slide show of past trips, explaining the routes, weather, food and culture one might expect. It was a great opportunity to go beyond the pretty pictures and get a real sense of what the trip might be like.  Anthony knows his stuff. Having been there 8 times, Anthony knows all the tricks and hidden secrets that make Turkey such a great place to travel.  If you would like to learn more about the trip, don’t hesitate to hesitate to give us a call, 800.223.2984!


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  1. maggie maclean

    I would LOVE to go on this trip- if my daughter wasn’t getting married just then….. I hope I’ll be able to make another in the future- trips to Turkey, not daughters! looking forward to hearing the blogs.

  2. Deirdre

    Haven’t made it to any meetings yet – but I say YES!

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