Top 5 Sailing Apps and Websites

Due to popular demand, these are the TOP FIVE Apps and Websites that OCSC Sailing uses!


Sailflow is both a mobile app and a website that allows you to watch live wind readings from various spots throughout the bay (and the world), as well as look at forecasting. Sailflow is THE app to go to when you want to know what is happening on the water right now, and if your skippers should be on their way home. It has a great map layout that allows you to look at wind speed, gust ranges, and temperature of both wind and air.


Navionics is a mapping/chartering GPS app that allows you to track your progress across water in real-time as well as analyze past trips. It uses the GPS in your phone to track a very accurate line of travel, and the preloaded charts and tracking will continue to work, even if cell phone service is lost. While no substitute for real paper charts, it is a powerful tool to have on board.


San Francisco Wind and Tides is a fantastic, simple website for wind forecasts. It gathers data from NOAA, and provides an easy to read layout of the forecast of wind, tide, and current information for the next five days.


Gorgeous and forecast don’t often go together, but you will see why once you load on your browser. This is a moving wind forecast model that beautifully displays the energy being displaced across the globe. Be prepared to go “Woaah.”


Volvo Ocean Race: This app works on Apple and Google devices and is sure to keep you up at night, living vicariously through the lives of sailing’s best. The layout and interface is slick, and the content will have you sitting at the desk in full foulies with sweaty palms and the heartrate of a genoa grinder. The onboard reporting and race tracking are the best we’ve seen and better yet is competing in the Volvo Ocean Race game online in real time from the comfort of your chair*

*For added realism eat only cliff bars and weak coffee for the duration of the race and periodically jump into a cold shower wearing all gear with no lights on. Your wife/roomates/pet will understand – I’m sure.