The Youngest Solo-Circumnavigator?

We here at OCSC have been following the story of Zac Sunderland, a 16 year old Californian attempting to be the youngest person to circumnavigate the world single-handed.  He is currently approaching Grenada, one of the last few stops of his journey.  He has a remarkable story:

From the first day Zac Sunderland said hello to planet earth, it seems he was destined to live the sailor’s life. Brought home from the hospital to his first home, a 55′ Tradewind in Marina del Rey, California, he was assigned his first bunk and listened to his mom tell the world of his birth over a single side-band radio…he never looked back…

Born to a family of yachtsmen and shipwrights, Zac quickly grew sea legs, and at an early age was deciphering Lat/Longs, not streets and avenues. His three wheeler youth was substituted with hoisting mains, jibs and mizzens.

As he grew more confident under his dad’s tutelage, Zac joined the family on sailing adventures to Australia, New Zealand, the UK and Mexico; there, developing not only his sailing skills but also adding to his experience with other cultures. When his shipwright father purchased a 51′ Aleutian, Zac worked with him to outfit it for the cruising life, and after 6 months the family left for a 3 year cruise of the Channel Islands, Baja California and mainland Mexico. This period in Zac’s life was the epiphany that all young men could envy. It instilled in him a love of the sailing life, a deep respect for the ocean, and the commitment and drive to pursue his dream; to someday circumnavigate the globe, single-handed. Read more about Zac

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  1. Capt Jorge

    The title is incorrect, A solo circumnavigation does not allow for crew or passengers to be onboard during the journey. Zac has been photographed with several others on his boat, while the boat was underway more than once during the trip.

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