The Strangest Yacht Club in the World is…

The Clubhouse at the Lake Eyre Yacht Club

The Clubhouse at the Lake Eyre Yacht Club

They sail on pink oil, they fly from every corner of the world for the opportunity, they sail only catamarans, and they’re delighted if they only get a sail every couple of years.

According to a recent article in Sail World, the Lake Eyre Yacht Club is the strangest in the world. They have around 50 paying members from all over the world, sometimes go years without workable sailing conditions, and can attract up to 100 boats for a regatta.

Preparing for a big regatta?

Preparing for a big regatta?

The Commodore of Australia’s Lake Eyre Yacht Club, Bob Blackway, is watching Lake Eyre for signs that he can raise the flag and declare race entries open for the next opportunity to sail on one of the driest and most isolated lakes on earth, Lake Eyre. Read More…

A Lake Eyre faithful takes advantage of the flood

A Lake Eyre faithful takes advantage of the flood

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  2. Rex Gibbs

    As a sailing member of the LakeEyre Yacht club I am one of a select group of 60 or so people. The first regatta ever was held 2 weeks ago – the first time since 1990 that there has been enough water for sailing in Lake Killamperpunna, Cooper Creek, The regatta was held from the 5 – 9th July 2010. The lake was dry 5 weeks ago. The water was at 6.5 C. The Stingray Cats averaged 18 knots to windward from the Camp to the Outlet at the top of the lake from cooper creek. 3 metres of flat very cold desert water.

  3. Frank

    is there enough water to sail a heron?????

  4. Andy

    That’s cRaZy! But kinda cool.

    I’d sail with ’em.

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