The OCSC Crew Course

Written by Tim Han, OCSC Instructor & Club Manager

When you’re on a sailboat do you feel less like part of the crew and more like you’re in the way? We’re not talking about America’s Cup level crew here. We’re talking about your basic, fun, social sail around the bay. If you want to genuinely be helpful when invited to go sailing then OCSC’s Crew Course is for you!

Sailing is a wonderful and almost magical sport, and understanding what makes a sailboat work and knowing how to operate the simple equipment on a sailboat enhances the experience. Unfortunately many people are invited sailing and are never invited to participate in the actual sailing of the boat! It’s no fault of the owner or skipper, who is probably not a sailing instructor; they have their hands full already. So how do you learn even the basics?

Our Crew Course is taught by an experienced professional whose greatest pleasure is teaching sailing. The main focus is to make sailing comfortable, make you more confident, and make sailing FUN! You’ll learn a variety of skills that will allow you to contribute as a valued crew member the very next time you go sailing!

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