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The Godfather of Adventure Travel

Written and published by TravelStartups.co

When the godfather of adventure travel speaks, I listen.

I recently spoke with 79 years young, Leo Le Bon, a legendary travel entrepreneur and co-founder of Mountain Travel one of the first adventure travel companies founded in the late 1960’s. In 1991 Mountain Travel joined forces with Sobek to form the world famous adventure travel company Mountain Travel Sobek.

Leo Le Bon

What I wanted to know was, what was the most important decision Leo Le Bon made as an entrepreneur in the early days that helped propel their business forward towards success.

Leo Le Bon cycles almost daily and maintains a health and adventurous life. You are in for a real treat. Listen as Leo shares insights into how he helped pioneer the adventure travel business.

The interview is part of the Travel Startup Founders Series an exclusive at TravelStartups.co where we publish inspirational short stories from successful travel CEO’s, founders and entrepreneurs. We all need inspiration in our daily lives, so enjoy.

This Travel Startup Founders interview is sponsored by Mountain Travel Sobek.

Mountain Travel began with the belief that there is a little bit of adventure in everyone. The early days were fueled by the passions of outdoor enthusiasts who loved exploring wild places. 40 years later, we offer almost 200 adventures to destinations worldwide.

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