The Brief History of OCSC and the Berkeley Marina

garbage-dump-1blogAs many of you know, the area now known as the Berkeley Marina originally served as the city municipal dump.  When Anthony and Rich started the club this is what they had to work with.  Since the late 1920’s, the site had been the destination for the city’s garbage waste and construction debris.  The accumulated waste  accounted for (and still accounts for) most of the dry land of the Berkeley Marina. It was a little rough around the edges, but the location had everything going for it: centralized location, good access and, most importantly, great wind.



In the early 1990s, a large portion of the dump was landscaped and converted into what is now Cesar Chavez Park.  The park is now the site of over 6 acres of beautiful ocean-front park area.  The park includes hiking trails throughout the park, off-leash dog area, picnic tables with BBQ grills, solar calendar, and wildlife sanctuary.


The park hasn’t been the only upgrade in the Marina. Over the years Anthony, Rich and the team  have improved the property and made it the extraordinary OCSC Sailing Campus you see today: Over 50 yachts, a clubroom with a beautiful Bay view, and an outdoor lanai for large parties and great BBQ’s!


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  1. Pat Ellis

    These photos brought tears to my eyes. My parents use to work at the Berkley landfill for years. If you are interested in writing a story contact me . My parents are in their 70’s now and have so much history to share… Thanks..

  2. Mike Mitchell

    Interesting old pics of the dump. Amazing…

  3. James Sakkis

    good stuff. i’d love to learn more about the history of bay sailing. keep up the good writing.

  4. Mike Stanton

    Nice piece David…
    Hope all is well with you..


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