Sustainable Sailing Presentation – April 17th 4pm


We’ll be hosting a special presentation by Dieter Loibner, author of Sustainable Sailing, on April 17th at 4pm.

Sailing can be a sustainable activity, but polluted waters and crowded marinas, boatyards, and anchorages are signs that problems must be addressed to keep it that way. Sailors pump sewage overboard and burn fossil fuels that pollute water and air. They use toxic paints to retard marine growth and stuff their boats with electronic gadgets that devour electricity, which often comes from coal-fired power plants. And where do all the plastic boats go, once they have reached the end of their useful life?

Going green is becoming the norm, while staying dirty will become increasingly expensive, inconvenient and eventually obsolete.

This book, and the lecture that accompanies it, build awareness, suggest solutions, and promote best practices. Sailors learn how to reduce their carbon footprint, lessen their impact on the environment and how to become a positive force for change.

~ D.Loibner

Where: OCSC Sailing, 1 Spinnaker Way Berkeley, CA 94710

When:  Saturday, April 17th 4pm

RSVP: Call Us! 800-223-2984!