Stan Starkey, OCSC Instructor, explores Costa Rica


Stan Starkey, OCSC Instructor, aboard Camelot

Stan Starkey, OCSC Instructor, has been on the OCSC team since 1989. Stan is currently living his dream of traveling and sailing all around the world. His latest adventures have taken him to Costa Rica and beyond. Here is the excerpt from the update he just sent us.

On New Years Eve Mary and I headed to Costa Rica for a little sailing with Neil and Jackie aboard Camelot. We also did some inland travel in the mountains and ziplining through the rain forest. After a short three weeks Mary returning to California to help Arnold spend the states money wisely and I returned to Camelot for more sailing adventures.

Stan ziplines through the rainforest

Stan ziplines through the rainforest

Camelot has worked her way from Emeryville the end of September to Panama City. We resupplied here and then headed to the Galapagos. Her ultimate destination this year is New Zealand or maybe Australia sometime in the fall. I’m hoping to be aboard as far as Tahiti in May. Mary will be joining me again in Tahiti for a little sailing around the Society Islands. We should be back in California in June and be out on the windy Bay for the summer sailing season.

Showering in Costa Rica

Showering in Costa Rica

What a great experience. We’ll keep you updated on Stan’s adventures as we hear from him!

For more information or to follow the voyage of the Camelot, check out this blog

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  1. Marilyn Kinney

    My goodness – I was out on the bay last Sunday scattering my aunt & uncle’s ashes at Racoon Straits and a flood of memories came back to me so vividly, some of them good, some not so good. and I thought about you, looked you up on Google and there you are, smiling, on a sailboat, enjoying life. Now, who is this Mary? wasn’t that your wife’s name? you two back together? If so, good for you – another Mary ? well – good for you either way. I had knee replacement surgery a few years ago and had to give up my windsurfing and sailing life but being out there again on the water was a thrill and you and your boat was such a big part of the fun. Enjoy your circumnavigation, my friend – you are doing exactly what you love and not everyone has such an opportunity. Stay well and Merry Christmas, wherever you drop the hook.

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