Some interesting iPad Apps for sailors…

We received a ton of great feedback from our post on useful iphone apps for sailors, so we were excited to review the iPad apps and see what changed, what worked better, and if the iPad was a useful sailing tool. There are countless apps for the iPad. Some are free, others cost some money. Here’s a select view we’ve tried and found useful or at least entertaining…

iDrifter ($9.99)
The program “iDrifter” monitors the position for anchoring yachts. The program displays the current drift of the yacht relating to the anchor- selectable either as a radar graph or as a map graph in Google Maps.

MotionX GPS ($0.99)
Gets all its maps directly from NOAA and therefore not ideal in Europe. Can also be used to display position, compass, course, speed etc…

Weathertrack ($19.99)
Viewer for wind data. Searches for the wind in your current position automatically. NOAA data is included but you can subscribe to different services which this app can display graphically for you.

All Level System ($1.99)
A simple level. Can be used as a guide for heeling.

Windtunnel ($1.99)
Now, here’s an innovative app with AHA- effect. This is a wind-tunnel simulator. You can draw forms (like sail-combinations) with your finger and the software will simulate the currents with smoke or particles.

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  2. Hank

    Mid wifi shows the predicted boat speed, heeling and other useful information. Check it out at

  3. Dan

    We offer waterproof hard cases for iPad and iPad2 to help you enjoy these apps while sailing.

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