Slow Dance 80′ Ketch–Sherri’s landed on deck!!

Sherri is a former OCSC Member and good friend of the Club. She decided to join a group of friends for a once in a lifetime adventure. You can read more about her journey on the groups Blog “Behind the Mast“.

Greetings from Puerto Vallarta!  A surprise for some of you!

I have signed on as crew to join this wonderful custom luxury motor sailer to cross the Pacific again! We will be leaving Friday for a few islands off shore (300 miles) to fish, then off another 3000 miles to the French Marquesas.  My second trip, but I can play  La Princessa this time!–there are pro crew Skipper/1st Mate/gourmet chef on board.  Captain Ron is in charge–I know, funny, eh?  He has owned the boat for 17 years–a custom, teak deck,interiors–beautiful old style.  Have my own cabin/head–I scored well on this trip.

That’s the news for now!

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  1. barbara

    Hey Louise how is your trip. Hope your having a great time. It sounds fantastic. Did you catch a tuna. I wish I was so brave. You are awsome. Let me now what you are up to. Keep in touch.

  2. janet trimble

    hi slow dance. whats your estimated time of arrival in new zealand

  3. Rafael

    Norm how are you tracking slowdance? my girlfiend is on the boat as well

  4. Norm Lee

    Slow Dance checked in crossing the equator yesterday. Estimated date of arrival at Tahiti is now April 17/18.

  5. Norm Lee

    Last reported (SPOT) location of Slow Dance was 12.38516N 118.85565W on Sunday April 3 2011 at 1311. Average non-motoring sailing speed has been 4 to 9 knots. Next port of call Hiva Oa located at approx 9.78000S 139.00000W. Distance from last reported location to Hiva Oa, 1,795 nautical miles. Est. date of arrival April 15.
    Rasta Susan’s Dad

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