Schooner Seaward Sails South to Mexico’s Sea of Cortez

Looking for a great winter vacation AND increase your sailing knowledge? The 82 ft Schooner Seaward is going south for the Winter and you can join them! The Seaward Adventures are a combination of voyages for the different legs of the trip. Whether you want to do the downwind California coastline trip or the Sea of Cortéz, La Paz to Cabo San Lucas, there is a exciting adventure for every type, varying from 5-19 days.

The  Seaward’s Adventure Voyages are more than just a vacation. As soon as you board, you’ll be learning and participating in sailing the magnificent 82 foot schooner.  In addition to seeing the wonderful sights, you’ll sharpen your skills and gain valuable sailing experience.

Seaward’s Adventure Voyages are operated by the nonprofit organization Call of the Sea, whose mission is to inspire people of all ages and backgrounds to connect with the sea through educational programs aboard traditional sailing vessels that focus on marine sciences, nautical heritage, the ocean environment and careers in the maritime profession.

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  1. James Sakkis

    great post. while i haven’t gotten a chance to get out on the bay at all this summer hearing about organizations like this helps keep the spirit alive. keep sharing the opportunities.

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