San Francisco possible host to 34th America’s Cup

It looks like San Francisco is emerging as a possible contender to play host the the next America’s Cup race. Larry Ellison has identified it as the only suitable location in the US and given his Bay Area residence, it has to be a serious contender. Here was what NBC Bay Area had to report…

Call it the World Series, the Super Bowl or the World Cup of sailing. That’s how yacht racing fans would describe the America’s Cup yacht race. And for a race that lasts about four months, it’s not a bloated boast.

“It’s the holy grail of sailing,” said Norbert Bajurin, staff commodore of the Golden Gate Yacht Club.

Now this most prestigious of events, which loosely takes place every three or four years, may be coming to San Francisco. Billionaire Oracle founder Larry Ellison and his BMW-Oracle racing team took the cup this past February. To the winner goes the spoils, or in the case of America’s Cup, the winner gets to pick the next venue.  READ MORE…

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    Now that is what you call a winning cup! Could maybe inspire some of our students on our sailing courses to go onto bigger things.

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