Sailing to Oblivion – Former OCSC students now cruising around the world!


It’s always humbling for us to hear people’s hopes and dreams about sailing. From wanting to try something new, to sailing around the world, or anywhere in between. It’s even more heart-warming for us to get messages like this years after students have begun their sailing careers.

Hey! Just a little note: about 5 years ago I took your basic keelboat class with a couple of friends…all of us where curious about how sailing actually worked.

Shortly after that class, I got a little J80 and sailed for a couple of years on an inland lake back home in South Dakota. We purchased a crusing boat last year and my wife and I are now in the early stages of a circumnavigation: we’re in southern Mexico headed for central america shortly.

Just wanted to say thanks for running such a comprehensive class. I feel I know more about sailing than many people who have been sailing for decades. I proudly wear my OCSC hat out and about.

Feel free to check in on us from time to time at We recommend reading the blogs as they aren’t necessarily typical sailing posts…and say ‘hey’ to Graham and Kate. I hope they are fairing well.

Jeff Kirstein Sioux Falls, SD

If you’ve ever dreamed of sailing around the world, read some of their blog posts. Sometimes, the dream is so much closer than you realize.

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  1. Tim

    This is a nice blog post, David. Very inspiring! Tomorrow I’ll be cruising around the bay on a J24 and hopefully it’ll feel warm like Mexico at some point during our sail…

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