Sail to Mexico on Seaward!

Our good friends over at Call of the Sea are offering a few fantastic options to shorten your winter and take a timeout in Mexico. And we have more great news too…

All OCSC Members will receive a 10% discount!


1. Baja Adventure

2. Six-Day Sails Exploring the Sea of Cortez

3. Cabo San Lucas to Los Angeles

4. Los Angeles to San Francisco

1. Baja Adventure
Los Angeles to Cabo San Lucas

On this, a true sea voyage, you will experience changes in latitudes and attitudes as well as sail 1,000 miles south along the Baja California Coast, leaving the rains and winter behind in our wake. Whales and dolphins will be our companions on this pristine passage. There will a number of opportunities to learn the ways of a sailing ship at sea. There will be a number of passage-making days and nights at sea on this voyage, and we will hope to visit (conditions permitting): Cedros Island, Magdalena Bay, and a day-long visit to the protected whale breeding grounds of San Ignacio Lagoon.

Dates: Jan. 7-19 2011 (13 days)
Cost: $1400 per participant
Includes meals aboard, single berth and ship’s costs (does not include tourist cards nor small-boat whale trips in the lagoons)

2. Six-Day Sails Exploring the Sea of Cortez
La Paz to La Paz
La Paz to Cabo San Lucas

Sailing from the historic city of La Paz, endless and out-of-the-way anchorages await us. The dramatic geology, fine beaches, and remoteness of the area create ideal cruising grounds. Each day, wonders will appear on land and sea in this rich marine environment, which author John Steinbeck described as possessing “profound and unworldly beauty.” The islands of Espiritu Santo, San Francisco, San Jose, and anchorages on the Baja Peninsula are all nature preserves with access by boat only. We’ll stop in to explore lush mangrove estuaries and unspoiled beaches, and then snorkel with seals. As you “learn the ropes” aboard Seaward, each day will bring new adventures.

La Paz to La Paz: January 25-30 2011 (6 Days)
La Paz to Cabo San Lucas: February 28 – March 5 2011 (6 Days)
Cost: $1100 per participant, per sail
Includes meals aboard, single berth and ship’s costs

3. Homeward Bound, Leg I
Cabo San Lucas to Los Angeles

Join Seaward for the northbound passage of about 1,200 miles up the Baja Coast. This homeward passage of approximately 15 days will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for sailors who relish a true sailing adventure. Sailing conditions can be challenging, with many changes in climate, wind, and sea state. But most days should bring fine weather and fair winds, with time to adjust and adapt to the sea’s ever-changing rhythms. This cruise offers an excellent opportunity to learn celestial navigation and seamanship, while experiencing the camaraderie of a seasoned crew on an extended passage. We will also take a long leg off the Baja coast (about 150 miles) to the remote, rarely visited Isla de Guadalupe.

Dates: March 8-22 2011 (15 days)
Cost: $800 per participant, Includes meals aboard, single berth and ship’s costs
Note: Homeward Bound Legs I & II (from Cabo Lucas to Sausalito) may be combined for a total coast of $1,200.

4. Homeward Bound, Leg II
Los Angeles to San Francisco

This trip up the California Coast will be a great way to experience this fabled coast while learning sailing and passage-making skills for those who wish to. This voyage will include exploration of the Channel Islands and possible port stops in coastal ports such as Morro Bay and Santa Cruz. As we pass under the Golden Gate, you’ll experience the unforgettable sense of accomplishment that always awaits every sailor at journey’s end.

Dates: March 24-29 2011 (6 days)
Cost: $500 per participant
Includes meals aboard, single berth and ship’s costs

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