Plastiki Adventure

Jo Royel, skipper of the Plastiki, has sailed the Arctic and Antarctic Oceans and circumnavigated.  But I would bet she has never sailed a 60 foot Catamaran made almost entirely of recycled plastic.  That is exactly what she is about to do as she plans to set sail from San Francisco Bay to Sydney, Australia aboard this intriguing vessel.

Jo Royle skipper of the Plastiki

Jo Royle, skipper of the Plastiki

 Anthony Sandberg was at Sausalito’s Cavallo Point last Thursday night to hear Jo Royle and David De Rothschild sit down for a Q and A event in front of an overflow crowd.  The sailors’ goal is to draw attention to the plight of our polluted oceans.  You can read more about Thursday’s event here, or to find out more about the Plastiki and follow the boat and it’s crew’s progress, visit the boat’s website: