Two Boats Sailing The San Francisco Bay With OCSC SAILING
Two Boats Sailing the San Francisco Bay with OCSC SAILING

Pacific Cup

Throughout the next few days, almost a dozen OCSC instructors and members will cast off their dock lines, point their boats towards the west and sail out under the Golden Gate as a part of the Pacific Cup Race to Hawaii. While several of these folks have participated in the Pacific Cup previously, for many, it will be the first time sailing the 2,000 nautical miles. Whether it’s their first race or their fifth race, everyone involved is looking forward to twelve straight days of offshore racing. After months of unseen preparation involving vessel modification, safety training, and proper provisioning, sailing out towards the horizon is a great reward.

OCSC member, Peter Schoenberg is most excited about “experiencing the open ocean—being in the rhythm of weather, wind, waves, days and nights”. Senior Instructor John Dillow can’t wait for “the chance to spend another 8 days flying a spinnaker 24/7 (after the initial bash away from the California coast) in tradewind breezes surfing tradewind swells. Woo Hoo”! While most are excited about the comradery of sailing with friends or family, a few, though, are making the journey solo.

Instructors Brian Cline and Steve Saul have both chosen to brave the Pacific crossing alone. Right now, both instructors are charging through ocean swells under full sail racing the Single-handed Transpac—a race hosted by the Single-handed Sailing Society that takes place every even numbered year. For Steve, this is his second Single-Handed Transpac, having completed his first in 2004. Both Brian and Steve are looking forward to the Single-Handed Transpac finish line tradition of having a drink of your choice ferried out to you by the race committee. Steve is most certainly looking forward to that Mai Tai right about now—last we heard, Brian Cline was deliberating between several options; he has plenty of time to decide.

A passage of this length must be taken seriously, though. Racers are typically most worried about things like equipment failure, injury, and water or food shortages. John Dillow is most worried about “hitting another whale and unseen Tsunami flotsam”. OCSC member, Carmen Maio, is most concerned about the “uneasy queasiness of seasickness for the first few days.” Whether it’s becoming ill, close encounters with large marine mammals, or equipment failure, all of ushere at OCSC hope our friends will have a safe and speedy trip over the horizon!


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OCSC Member, Peter Schoenberg, is racing for the non-profit

Wild Earth Guardians. Follow this link to support his cause

Boats with Instructors or Members to Watch:

“Back Bay” Cal 39 ft

  • Skipper and OCSC Member:  Peter Schoenburg

“Maris”   Dana 24

  • Single handed by OCSC Instructor: Brian Cline

“Grace”   Pretorien 35 ft

  • Single handed by OCSC Instructor: Steve Saul

“ Avion”   Bianca 415 41 ft

  • Navigator and OCSC Instructor: John Dillow

“Europa”   New York  36 ft

  • Skipper and OCSC Member: Alex Samodurov
  • Watch Captain and OCSC Member: Carmen Maio
  • Watch Captain and OCSC Instructor: Jenny O’Hara
  • Crew and OCSC Member: Carol Sanders

“ Ragtime!”   J/92

  • Navigator and OCSC Instructor: Tracy Rogers