October 7th will be Last Wednesday Night Sail of the Season!

(c) Martin Sundberg

(c) Martin Sundberg

Celebrate the last Wednesday Night Sail with a Bang!  Book a 4 hour charter for the price of 2 hours and enjoy a great OCSC BBQ!

Normally, the Wednesday Night Sails only run through September due to the amount of sunlight we have to play with. We’ve had so much fun with all of you during the Wednesday Night Sails (WNS) this season that we wanted to extend the WNS’s. We thought we might be able to run them throughout October, but after looking at the sunlight situation again, we decided that extending the season 1 extra week would be the best decision.

So now we’re having a end-of-the-WNS-season Party and BBQ  following the Last WNS on October 7th!

*Important Note* All boats must be back by 7:30pm to avoid low tide. However, that night charterers may book a 4-hour half day charter for the regular WNS rate! This means you can sail from 3:30pm-7:30pm for the price of a WNS!

Feel free to call us with any questions or to reserve your spot for some end-of-the-season FUN!

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