OCSC’s Larry Ledgerwood wins Sail Training and Support Award

What is the “Sail Training Service and Support Award”?
The Sail Training Service and Support Award in honor of Virginia Long would honor individuals who, through their efforts, unselfishly assist and enable a sailing program or sailing instruction in a supportive role.

Rich Jepsen presents the award to Larry Ledgerwood

As the Training Committee Chair, Rich Jepsen presented the award to Larry at the Clearwater Beach Marriott Resort in Florida.

This award winner is liked, instantly, by everyone who meets him. Affable, creative, thoughtful, he’s been a force for OCSC in Training in a variety of ways.

He’s been as humble and low key as could be but he’s had wonderful contributions to the Board of Directors as in strategic planning, to our Symposium as the volunteer leader and to me, personally, as an advisor, mentor and coach.

He is a career corporate trainer – sales, communication, leadership, teamwork. He’s extremely busy with his career, but somehow always finds time for US SAILING.

He’s a close friend of mine, a great sailing instructor at my school and a quality trimmer for me racing on San Francisco Bay. A sailor’s sailor who loves competition for its self improvement qualities, who loves cruising in tropical locales for its physical and sensual beauty and who loves teaching sailing for the love it gives to new sailors.

He’s been a long standing member of the Training Committee and serves often as the voice of reason for us when we get too lost in the details.

He’s served as a facilitator for the Board of Directors of US SAILING as they worked hard to develop the direction of the organization.

He has contributed the most as the much loved volunteer chair of the Symposium, accepting any and every task with only one objective, to make the Symposium as effective, fun and influential as possible. Here are a few of his contributions:

1. Introduced and implemented a vastly improved method of presenting awards by collecting data on award winners, assembling a presentation and coordinates the volunteers to ensure the presentation is organized and professional.
2. Developed standards for presenters and, using his professional background, conducted ‘how-to’ sessions at the event for presenters to increase their skills. This was a brand new use for the Symposium and a great professional development value for presenters.
3. Created a website of presenters’ information, ensuring that we create a quality experience for those who attend the event.

Due to these contributions and more, attendee feedback on the organization and delivery of presentations has been more complimentary than ever before.

If you get a chance to know him, you’ll be better for it.

Rich Jepsen,
CEO, OCSC Sailing

Richard Jepsen

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