OCSC Womens 3 Bridge Sail

OCSC Women Sailors - 3 Bridge Sail - April 2012 - Bay Bridge
Getting Together for the 3rd Time
Last weekend I did the excellent 3 Bridges Sail with the OCSC Women Sailors. I’ve done this particular sail twice before, and both times it has been fun, interesting and sometimes challenging ( in a lot of fog), but this time it was SUPER fun because we took a J/105! That boat (new to me) is awesome!
OCSC Women Sailors - 3 Bridge Sail - April 2012 - Plotting a Course
Preparation is Key
Shirley the skipper, and an OCSC instructor, informed us about the day’s currents and tides. We then talked about what might be the best approach with our conditions. Shirley is an excellent instructor and is full of knowledge about the San Francisco Bay (If you get a chance to sail with her, take it).
OCSC Women Sailors - 3 Bridge Sail - April 2012 - The Skipper
Plotting a Course
We set our course and had a really, really good time! We all had a chance to be at the helm. We sailed all the way to San Rafael passing the Richmond Bridge, then cruised alongside the Golden Gate Bridge and City-front, and returned by going through the Bay Bridge. I have to admit that this is the first boat that I REALLY wanted to be at the helm the whole time. But it was, as usual, such a great group of people, that it was just as fun to be dangling our feet off of the high side!
I love these sails!
OCSC Women Sailors - 3 Bridge Sail - April 2012 - Beth
Article written by Beth T.

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