OCSC in Antarctica!

Anthony and 25 OCSC friends went to Antarctica over Christmas 2008. Check out this amazing picture they took.

They named him Solomon the skiing penguin. While all the others were trudging up and down the slopes, this single penguin invented skiing for himself.


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  1. joe sheets

    This is a very rare picture. A lot of credit goes to the photographer & Solomon. Very much appreciated by all & thank you for sharing.

  2. Tony Samour

    OCSC Antarctic Adventure Reunion
    When: Saturday March 14th, 2009
    Where: OCSC Bay View Clubroom
    Time: 6:00pm – 9:00pm — Antarctic Adventure Reunion

    This reunion will be a pot-luck that will be coordinated by Linda Zunas – linda790@yahoo.com. Please contact Linda because she will make sure we have a complete meal a not just a bunch of desserts. OCSC will be providing beer, wine, and drinks. You are also welcome to bring stories, pictures, DVDs, videos, or pet penguins if you were able to sneak one home!!

    Hope to see you there!!!

    Please RSVP with tony@ocsc.com

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