OCSC hosts 65 kids from Ailey Camp!

OCSC SAILING is always proud to host the Ailey Camp crew for an afternoon of sailing on the Bay.

AileyCamp is an innovative summer program designed to serve inner-city children in grades six through eight, ages 11-14.  It does not serve as a training ground for professional dancers, but rather uses dance as a vehicle for developing self-esteem, self-discipline, creative expression and critical thinking skills.  The Ailey Camp of Berkeley makes an annual stop at OCSC for an afternoon on the water.

We all had magic moments of accomplishment and insight when we were young. My hope is that these young students experience a flash of inspiration from their dance camp and sailing that will inspire them to take on greater challenges in life.
-Anthony Sandberg, OCSC SAILING President & Founder

Founded by Alvin Ailey and the Kansas City Friends of Alvin Ailey in 1989, AileyCamp targets students with academic, social and domestic challenges, but also welcomes students who have little opportunity to develop their artistic interests.  An important aspect of the program’s success is in providing positive adult and peer role models, and giving campers an invaluable opportunity to explore their creativity, learn to master their bodies, and strengthen their respect for themselves and others within a supportive framework that gives them an important foundation for the future.