NEW at OCSC SAILING! Wednesday Night Sails aboard the schooner Seaward!

The Wednesday Night Sails are always a hugely popular activity at OCSC SAILING. It’s always fun to see so many friends and fellow sailors out for the mid-week sail. The BBQ evenings (first Wednesday of the month) are particularly fun and popular. In order to accommodate more friends for the WNS BBQ nights, we’ll be going out on the 82′ Schooner Seaward! The Seaward gives us the opportunity to open the event to more people and offer a more casual sunset cruise.

Call us to reserve your spot on the Seaward Wednesday Night Sail and BBQ! (800) 223-2984

Seaward Sail
Click here to see photos from the May 5th Seaward Wednesday Night Sail!

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  1. Jeff Stokes

    If you missed the last couple WNS’s on the Seaward, you’ll have another chance on Wednesday, September 1st.

  2. Jeff Stokes

    The Seaward will be coming out again for our next Wednesday Night Sail and BBQ on July 7th. Call 800.223.2984 for details and/or reserve your spot.

  3. Ursula Smith

    I am very interested in attending this Wednesday’s activity but I realize that I’ve missed the 4/30 discounted deadline. Please continue to keep me informed of other activities to become more knowledgeable about sailing.

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