New at OCSC! Large-scale SF Bay Chart

Shirley Doell Chart

Shirley Doell, OCSC Instructor, stands behind her Bay chart project at OCSC

You may have noticed the incredible  new collection of  charts  that have been posted in the stairwell to the clubroom at OCSC.  The charts offer a detailed view of the Bay on a large scale.  The useful tool is constructed from 5 charts fit together to provide a clear picture of the entire South Bay, Central Bay and  San Pablo Bay. The charts also extend through the Carquinez Straight through Suisun Bay and along the Pacific coast up to Drakes Bay,  It’s a great resource for members and guests to get a sense of the extensive  nature of the entire Bay. A special thanks to Shirley Doell, OCSC Instructor, for spearheading the project!

I did this project on my wall at home when I was 13 years old.  Thats where I got the idea. It was fun to do then , and even more fun now! -Shirley Doell

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  1. bob riegg

    wow pretty neat and I am looking forward to seeing this behemoth in the summer after leaving europe behind. Maybe u can charge those sneaky sailors from other clubs who want to peek! bob riegg

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