Member Update from Mallorca

We just got this message from one of our members, Charlie Casey. Thanks for the nice words! We’re excited to hear more and see the pictures when you return!

I got back from a 6 day cruise around Mallorca on a Bavaria 46 that a friend of mine and I chartered (we brought our kids too, total of 7 of us) and wanted to pass on some Pics and thoughts.


The weather was very cooperative; warm and some wind, but not too much wind. The Island has some beautiful scenery to be seen from the sea. We stopped at least twice a day in some nook or cranny in the cliffs to swim and eat. The water was clear and snorkeling awesome. We stayed in a different port every night (Andratx was my personal favorite), and we sailed around Cabrera, an island national park reserve with no houses (other than the Park Ranger’s). All in all, a very successful voyage.

I’m hoping you can pass on some kind words to Capt. Ray for me. He was the instructor on the CPM course I took in June, and his lessons paid off very nicely for me. He broke down passage making into 3 areas: Traffic, Weather and Boat Operations (which included Navigation). I kept this model in constant focus and it really worked well for me. I checked the weather reports regularly for weeks before hand (and twice daily once there), watching both local patterns as well as pressure zones building hundreds of miles away. I snickered to myself as I watched other charter boats get the ‘HONK of Shame’ from the Ferries and Large Liners in Palma as I steered wide and clear (SF Bay is a great training ground for that kind of thing). And, though never having skippered such a large boat, I was able to operate the boat smoothly and carefully; docking, hook up and crew management all done with experience and foresight.

Though he didn’t actually teach them, Ray modeled how to make sure crew were happy, that plans were clear and that everyone felt part of the team, which I took to heart and kept in mind as skipper.

One thing that I managed to learn to do that was not part of the course was the stern first docking, snuggling in between boats on both sides (rarely do they use finger peers here).

Though I grew up sailing, I truly value the courses I took at OCSC. I feel confident in my abilities, and part of being confident is to be wary of self confidence. “Prudence” was the word Capt. Ray used. Even as a somewhat experienced sailor, I do believe the courses are key to my being able to cruise safely. Furthermore, I’ve come to realize that folks who go cruising without taking courses like those offered at OCSC can easily be putting themselves and others at great risk, or at least bumbling about having less fun. So a big toot on the horn for OCSC and Capt. Ray from me. Thank you.

I have managed to do day sailing trips 3-5 times a month and did a 4 day cruise as crew up the Costa Brava in August. I have my eyes set on the Greek Islands in the Spring.

Life is Good,
Charlie Casey