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Interview with Nancy Viebrock- onboard since 2010

What sailing experience did you have before you came to OCSC?
The first time I sailed I was a kid and with a friend on a sunfish at Echo Lake in the Sierra. The sunfish blew over and as soon as we righted it, it went over again, and again. We swam it back to the dock. That was very curious.

My husband grew up in Stockton and he sailed. After a couple of small, open boats we got a Catalina 22 with a fixed keel. He was the sailor and I did the foredeck and crew stuff. We sailed around a bit in the bay; toward Richmond, down the estuary, not too far, not to San Francisco. We were kind of chicken.

What do you like about sailing?
I love being outside, on the water, in the wind, out in the weather; the birds, porpoises, sea lions, and harbor seals.

And sailing with friends and meeting new ones.

And always learning something, every time out there. It is always different, never the same.

I like figuring out how it all works; the sails, docking, engine and mechanical, tides and currents, moon, charts, trying to read the water and waves and what it means.

I love sailing the J24s.

And I love the Seaward. I did the Seaward trip up the coast from LA to SF.  I loved it all – being cool and damp for most of the 5 days, being out on the ocean, keeping watch, the bunk dropping away beneath us in the swells, and the camaraderie of 5 days on a boat.

What brought you to OCSC?
We kept our Catalina 22 in the Berkeley marina. We saw OCSC boats going out in all sorts of weather. We thought that they must be really good sailors to do that.

My husband died a few years ago. Learning to sail myself seemed way too daunting, way beyond me.  But it was hard to take our stuff off the boat. My brother-in-law and nephew took a few classes at OCSC and thought it was great. So I gave it a try. I have a whole new life in sailing, a direction, something that I love to do, friends, and a community.

Why did you become a member?
I became a member in 2010. BK class was great. The instructors were patient. After much struggling I finally got the man-overboard drill. I made friends. Everyone at OCSC was welcoming and encouraging.  It is an easy and sensible way to sail. Some nudging and encouragement and the realization that I could do some of this and I went on to the BC class. I’ve just taken BBC. It will be a lot of reviews.  It’s always fun. It’s always great to learn.

Thank you to the many OCSC members I have met, who have generously shared their time and boats with me.

What sailing goals do you have?
Now I want to learn everything. I’d love to sail the US coastlines, Baja, lots of places. I want to learn to be competent, knowledgeable and useful crew.

I still have the Catalina 22. Now I see the boat in a different way. I’ve finally started the process of getting her good for sailing. Then we’ll see.

‘To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.’

What do you do when you’re not sailing?
The mornings are mine; early it’s quiet and not so many others are about. I get on my bike for a short ride up the hill. And I swim once or twice a week. I love my very flexible part-time job. I help the course coordinator administer classes for physicians who are learning acupuncture as part of their continuing medical education.

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  1. Lynne

    If she is half as fine a sailor as she is at helping me administer that acupuncture course, then OCSC has a rare gem of a member in Nancy!

  2. Nancy's "Baby" brother

    I like “The cut of her jib”. If I didn’t know her already, from her profile answers, I’d like to get to. Maybe that’s cause we’re cast from the same mold. It’s great to see Nance embracing the new path life has given her & having good times w/ good people. Sail on!

  3. little sister Jen

    YAY Nancy ! Always love to hear what fun challenges and friends you’ve found on the bay with OCSC . The wind brought great energy to your sails ! I am so happy for you!

  4. Beth

    Love, love, love that Viebrock!!!!

  5. BD

    I am glad to see this section added to your newsletter. Now, I am concerned about being on the waiting list to sail with Nancy :) If you have people like her in your club, I want to sail every single day. I love OCSC-for the quality of your courses and for the people I have gotten to know through you guys. Thank you!!

  6. Amy Ecc

    Great article. Makes me want to take up sailing. I have the privilege of knowing Nancy, and she’s a gem, so if you attract that caliber people, your organization must be doing a lot that’s right.

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