Member Spotlight: Steve Jones

Interview with Steve Jones by Jenny O’Hara

What sailing experience did you have before you came to OCSC?
Day sailing in the Solent, UK; Sydney, Australia; and Cape Town, South Africa.

What do you like about sailing?
The sense of freedom. I like the fact there is no longer any reason to sail for practical purposes unless of course we really do run out of oil! I like that we directly harness nature to power us on the water.

What brought you to OCSC?
After ten plus years in the Rockies I decided I wanted to get back on the water. I discovered OCSC and drove out here for a few weeks in 2010 but ended up staying for four months. This year I have spent most of the summer here.

Why did you decide to get “Nimbus”?
She is perfect for exhilarating day sailing on SF Bay in virtually all conditions for those who love to sail simply for the sake of sailing.

Why did you decide on a J80 as opposed to other performance/cruising boats?
I trusted the opinion of those who know better than me! I also understand there are not too many sport boats that OCSC would consider for the fleet.

What is your favorite thing about “Nimbus”?
She’s different to every other boat in the fleet, at least for now.

Do you have any special plans with “Nimbus” in the future?
To tow a person on a surfboard while we’re flying the kite. Will the club really publish this answer?!

What do you do when you’re not sailing?
Seek out other adventures to  free the shackles of my comfort zone. Anything that involves travel, nature, freedom & uncertainty.