Member Spotlight

Interview with Dora and Longin -onboard since 2011

What sailing experience did you have before you came to OCSC?
Not much. Dora took a one week course on a pretty quiet lake when she was 17. Together, we experienced first hand what it means to break the mast on a hobby catamaran approximately 15 years ago. Besides the above neither one of us had any prior sailing experience.

What do you like about sailing?
First of all it is a passion we both share and it is great that we can enjoy it together. Of course the sense of adventure, experiencing nature and the feeling of freedom while sailing are thrills that cannot be easiely replaced. Sailing is the perfect way for us to balance our busy life and work with outdoor activities.

What brought you to OCSC?
We went for a day of sailing in the bay with the volleyball league Longin used to be part of. We went from Treasure Island to Angel Island and back, crossing the slot and experiencing the perfect sailing conditions in the bay. At the end of the day we were hooked on sailing and OCSC was recommended as the best place to learn how to sail.

Why did you decide to become a member?
After we finished the BK course we realized very quickly that we would have a better chance of spending as much time as possible on the water if we become OCSC members and take advantage of all member services. The crew list, for example, is a great way to join skippers who are looking for crew or find crew for your own charters. The staff at OCSC are very friendly and have their members truly at heart. One quick call into the office and whatever questions or problem you may have are answered or resolved.

What sailing goals do you have?
We decided to work our way up to a skill level that will allow us to safely complete a circumnavigation. As an intermitten goal we want to sail to Hawaii and back as soon as we are ready for the adventure.

What do you do when you’re not sailing?
Thinking about sailing and planning the next sailing trip. Is there something else to do other than sailing? ☺

What is the best part about sailing together?
Sharing a common passion and being able to experience the sailing adventures together. It also makes sailing even more exciting when you know your crew/skipper sowell that thinking of manouvers, sail trim or adjustments happen simultanously.

What is your greatest challenge sailing as a couple?
You have nobody left in the evening to give you a massage after an exhausting but amazing day on the water!

Thanks so much for taking the time talking to us! We look forward to seeing you soon.
-The OCSC Team