Maserati to set World Record

Italian Giovanni Soldini and his eight crew on the VO70 Maserati are nearing the finish of their attempt to establish a 13,225 nm New York to San Francisco record. After beginning their effort on December 31, they have approximately 700 nm to go, and expect to arrive by February 16. There is no current monohull record, but a benchmark was set in 1998 by skipper Yves Parlier aboard Aquitaine Innovations of 57 days, 3 hours and 2 minutes. A finish by this weekend would reduce the reference by 10 days.

You can check her progress at the official Maserati Soldini website.

Join the celebration when she enters San Francisco Bay by sailing out to greet her! You can be a part of history in the making!! I’d sail out there myself if I wasn’t holding down the fort at OCSC; give her a cheer and a couple of toots on the horn for me…

Cheers, Tim

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  1. LateSail

    Count on a Maserati to beat the record! This is exciting stuff, love the photo of them passing Alcatraz- very iconic.

  2. Michael Spranger

    Maserati is just 132 nm from the finish; current speed is 6.6 kts! At current speed she will finish in 20 hours; eta at finish is 8:00 AM!

    Best place to check progress (current distance to finish and speed) is here:

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