Love Boat?

There have been a number of romantic relationships that have blossomed at sea and aboard boats. Here at OCSC, it’s no different. Our congratulations to Keith Murdoch and Kasia Grisso, long time OCSC members, who married two weeks ago, on April 30, 2010 in Berkeley’s Tilden Regional Park. We asked them to share the story of how they met and fell in love here at OCSC and here is what they wrote.


We are delighted to have our mutual love for sailing, and enjoyment of this fabulous sailing school and club, OCSC, bring us together. Although Kasia has been a member of the club since 2000, and Keith since 2003, we didn’t meet until April of 2007! They say there is something to timing and serendipity, and perhaps there is.

Kasia had always wanted to join a charter cruise to Tahiti, or Turkey or some other incredible place. So when a member of the club sent around a note saying she was looking for a female bunkmate to join on a cruise to Tonga, Kasia responded. Kasia and Keith met on a Tonga flotilla checkout cruise in April 2007 (our thanks to Stan Starkey, the skipper, Dianne Strauss, who invited Kassia, and the rest of the crew), and bonded over tea below decks in the rain while moored in Ayala Cove at Angel Island.

Keith offered Kasia a ride to SF that evening, and fate bestowed a rain-filled 2-hr “rush hour” drive on them. Kasia took the opportunity to blow dry her hair with the dash board vents, and after all that cute hair flipping, well the rest as they say, is history! Kasia did not make it to Tonga that fall, but by that time Keith and Kasia were “boyfriend” and “girlfriend”.

Keith says that his bunkmate on that trip wasn’t as pretty, but that’s okay, since he gets to bunk with Kasia for a lot longer than the Tonga cruise!


We are grateful to Anthony and Rich, the instructors, office staff, and our many friends at the club for their support over the years, and for creating an incredible sailing community here on San Francisco Bay that has had us both stick around so long! Now that the craziness of planning a wedding is over, we look forward to getting more time on the water, and enjoying more BBQ’s and events at OCSC!