Local Sailing Destination: Sam’s Anchor Cafe

Sam’s Anchor Cafe is one of the most popular charter destinations in the Bay for OCSC Members. The public docks offer a great mid-day stop for a sail around Angel Island. We’ve put together a few suggestions for sailors who are looking to stop at Sam’s Anchor Cafe.

  1. As you approach the Tiburon Marina, (once you are in the lee) start your engine and take your sails down outside of the Marina. Prepare fenders and dock lines (both bow and stern!)
  2. Beware of the Ferry traffic coming and going to the Ferry dock.
  3. Circle in the holding pattern until you see an opening on Sam’s dock.
  4. Beware of power-boaters leaving the Marina.
  5. Don’t raft up. And don’t allow others to raft onto your boat.
  6. Once you’ve settled in for lunch, keep a constant eye on your boat to ensure its safety. People may try to move or adjust your boat if you’re not paying attention.
  7. During lower-low tides, boats will go aground at Sam’s docks, so plan your visit accordingly.