LIVBLUE Event at OCSC on Tuesday, June 30th

Sea Turtle
LIVBLUE: Merging science, advocacy and passion for ocean conservation in a time of change and urgency.

When: Tuesday, June 30th  7:00pm
Where: OCSC Sailing Clubroom
Cost: FREE

Dr. Warren “J” Nichols will speak about his international work with a diverse group of fishermen, scientists, ocean-lovers, poachers, government officials and youth to bring sea turtles back to the coast of the Californias, promote marine protected areas and build a new market for ocean wildlife conservation tourism.  He is especially interested in discussing new, innovative ideas with young conservation professionals as we chart a course for ocean protection and recovery.
Dr. Nichols is a scientist, activist, community organizer, author, and dad.  He works to inspire a deeper connection with nature, sometimes simply by walking and talking, other times through writing or images.  Science and knowledge can also stoke our fires.  But he knows that what really moves people is feeling part of and touching something bigger than ourselves. He is a Research Associate at California Academy of Sciences and founder/co-director of Ocean Revolution, an international network of young ocean advocates, and co-founder of SEE Turtles, a sea turtle conservation tourism project.  He earned his MEM in Environmental Policy and Economics from Duke University’s Nicholas School and his PhD in Wildlife Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from University of Arizona.
Call OCSC at 800.223.2984 to RSVP