Junkraft Team in the Bay!

The Junkraft team is coming to the Bay

The Junkraft team is coming to the Bay

Last week we posted about the Junkraft, a team a eco-mariners who sailed on a vessel constructed of garabage from California to Hawaii.  The mission of Junkraft was to raise awareness about the plastic waste that is accumulating in our oceans.  We think that is a pretty great reason to go sailing.

The Junkraft team is currently on a Junkride, a bicycle tour down the west coast to raise even more awareness about the pressing issue of plastic waste.   Dr. Marcus Eriksen, one of the leaders of the Junkraft team,  let us know about an event they are hosting during their stop in San Francisco.

The Marine Debris Event:

When: Saturday, May 30th, 2009 1-4pm
Richardson Bay Audobon Center & Sanctuary
376 Greenwood Beach Rd. Tiburon, CA 94920
Presentation on Plastic Debris and building a new Junkraft for the Bay!

This should be a fun and informative event.  You will learn much more about the problems that plastics are causing in the marine environment, as well as participate in the creation of another  Junkraft!

Important: The Junkraft team needs your help!
Please bring one or more plastic bottles to the event to use in constructing the Junkraft. Also, if you are able to donate new or used fishing net or know somewhere or someone who could help find some fishing net, please email Dr. Eriksen as soon as possible!