Hans Christian 43 Added to OCSC Fleet


It is with great pleasure that we welcome Bon Ami, a Hans Christian 43, into our fleet! Known for their roomy interior, extremely durable construction and classic lines, Hans Christians are considered to be some of the stoutest blue water cruisers in existence. This particular boat is from the “Christina” series that was produced between the late seventies and late eighties—the 43 was designed by Scott Sprague of Bainbridge Island.

Bon Ami has everything one would look for in a blue water cruiser. Large fuel and water tanks, huge amounts of storage, roomy sleeping accommodations, and a well thought out deck arrangement are just some of her features that set her apart from other cruisers. She is also rigged as a cutter, meaning that Bon Ami carries two foresails—a jib is set from a roller furling unit on the forestay and a smaller staysail that runs from an inner stay. Additionally, the half-keel keeps her tracking straight for days on end.


Bon Ami is also equipped with a dodger, radar, huge navigation table, and a very large galley. Her tonnage ensures a comfortable ride in even the roughest conditions. For these reasons and more, Bon Ami will become the yacht of choice for all of OCSC’s offshore excursions including the Coastal Passagemaking course.

She will be ready to charter within the next few weeks. Due to her tonnage, half keel, and cutter rig, we are requiring members who wish to charter her to take a check-out sail to become confident handling a boat of her size and layout. Please give us a call to learn more about Bon Ami’s rates, availability, and when you can enroll in a check-out sail.

Take a look at the Hans Christian 43 on our Website to view
her rates, specifications, equipment, and availability.

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  1. Heather Stewart

    Coolio! Looks sweet…maybe I *do* need to get around to taking my CPM sometime in the near future. ;) Will definitely be signing up for one of the checkout rides!! :)

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