Get your second wind!

Article and Photos by Bill Kinney, OCSC Fleet Manager

The smallest big boat in OCSC’s fleet is the Catalina 31 Second Wind. It is a small, nimble boat, yet with an amazingly open and specious interior, and a full sized cockpit.  She can comfortably take 6 people for a day sail. Two couples would fit well for an overnight excursion.  .

She is a great sailing boat, and is fully equipped for a day sail or an overnight.  The rig is stiffer than many boats her size, so she sails better in our strong afternoon breezes.  She needs only a light touch on the helm, even when sailing downwind.  If you have sailed either the Catalina 32 or 36, you are already familiar with the way she is rigged.

If you have a smaller group, and you want the comfort of a big boat without the full cost, Second Wind might be just the ticket.