Get ready for OCSC’s Machu Picchu Adventure with a Hiking Seminar

Poles for Mobility - Free Clinics

Poles for Mobility - Free Clinics

OCSC members and friends are going to Macchu Picchu twice this year.  This adventure in Peru involves a moderate amount of physical endurance and high altitude hiking.  To prepare for the trips, OCSC regularly has hikes around Mount Tamalpais or other Bay Area locations.  Whether your going on the Machu Picchu Adventure or just hiking around the Berkeley hills, there are some tips and strategies that may help you.  Jayah Faye Paley, the author of the Award-Winning DVD’s “POLES for Hiking, Trekking & Walking” and “POLES for Balance & Mobility” will be conducting seminars on hiking and using poles to increase comfort and endurance. She will bring top quality poles so participants will have a chance to practice techniques and experience the benefits of an “extra pair of legs”. This interactive clinic is for everyone – hikers, trekkers, walkers and people with balance issues.Techniques developed by Paley show how to avoid hand strain and convert effort into an upper body/core workout. Come learn about the equipment, how to adjust poles correctly and efficiently, prevent common mistakes, and how to achieve optimum benefit from hiking poles.

Jayah Faye Paley, the author of the Award-Winning DVD’s “POLES for Hiking, Trekking & Walking” and “POLES for Balance & Mobility”

Jayah Faye Paley, the author of the Award-Winning DVD’s “POLES for Hiking, Trekking & Walking” and “POLES for Balance & Mobility”

Learn how to use your upper body/core muscles to help preserve your joints.
When used correctly, poles:
– reduce stress on knees and spine,
– increase power and endurance on uphill,
– improve balance, posture & upper body strength
– improve performance on all terrain,
– recruit more muscles while walking which facilitates fat-burning & weight loss, and
– help reduce injuries & falls

POLES for Mobility Field Seminars & Training

Dates & Locations:
March 21: Mt Tam, Marin County
April 19: Mt. Tam
May 16: Mt. Tam
June 6: Sanborn County Park, Saratoga
July 18: Location TBD

Why Mt. Tamalpais for field seminars?
It’s complex and has an incredible variety of terrain within a short distance.
Plus it’s world class hiking and we enjoy a beautiful hike practicing our new skills.

This seminar is limited to 9 people to allow for personalized instruction.
Cost is $65 ($48 for OCSC members)

To reserve your space, call or email to confirm availability.
(415) 699-3333
Check out the website for more information or to find out about free clinics.

Here’s a testimonial from an OCSC

Brenda Goodwin, at the age of 56, signed up for Elizabeth Becker’s OCSC adventure vacation to Machu Picchu, a long time dream for her. This trip required the ability to hike for 35 hours over a period of 5 days for a total of 38 miles, starting at 11,220 ft and peaking at 15,340 ft. While this might not sound like a stretch for someone who is an experienced hiker, Brenda had never really hiked before. Needless to say it involved quite a bit of training and what became her most essential gear – a set of trekking poles!

Once Brenda learned how to use poles she was no longer intimidated doing long hikes or going up and down steep, rocky trails. She was able to hike longer, and with more confidence than ever before. “Learning to correctly use poles allows me to hike and not be concerned about wear and tear on my knees and hips – a real incentive at my age! I just had another birthday and I’m looking forward to many more years of hiking.”