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Buzz Camp SparksBuzz Camp

Learn how to generate “Buzz” around your product or service from the experts that have landed OCSC publicity in National Geographic, LAN Magazine, The Wall St. Journal, and the New York Times. Many businesses are struggling to attract customers with reduced marketing dollars. Even companies that have kept their marketing budgets intact are finding it increasingly difficult to meet their sales objectives since consumers are buying less and not responding to traditional advertising.

Buzz Camp is a results-producing, idea-generating half-day workshop designed to help businesses of all sizes break through the commercial clutter and get people buzzing and buying in spite of the challenging economic environment.

Patrick Galvin, Chief Galvanizer, Galvin Communications

Patrick Galvin, Chief Galvanizer, Galvin Communications

Patrick Galvin is the creator and presenter of Buzz Camp. Patrick and his wife Ellen are partners in Galvin Communications which has handled PR for OCSC since 2005. The Galvins have helped OCSC land coverage in a wide array of media (see our press room for details).

Sign up for Buzz Camp by 4/1/09 and save $20 off the registration fee! For more information and registration, click here.

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  1. Jacki Adams

    Patrick: My husband I attended your conference that was presented at Independent Insurance Agents Convention. I own a gift shop and have just started a blog. I am trying to initiate many of the things that you spoke about. In particular I have just started a blog ( I am not familiar with how to find other bloggers and to link to them….etc. I understand that it is important to link to other blogs. Can you give any advice? Sincerely, Jacki Adams

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