Experience the adventure and history of the Farallon Islands

Even some lifelong residents of SF Bay have never heard about the Farallon Islands.  The mysterious islands remain one of the best kept adventure secrets in North America.  The islands are currently a wildlife sanctuary home to the largest seabird nesting colony in the country and one of the most biologically diverse environments in the world.  The islands are located 27 miles outside of the gate. They are not accessible to the general public, which makes sailing one of the few opportunities to see these magnificent ecosystems.

The Farrallones are 27 miles outside of the gate

The Farallones are 27 miles outside of the gate

Comprised of seven major islands jutting from the turbulent Pacific Ocean, they amount to 211 acres of seemingly uninhabitable terrain. Home to the largest seabird nesting colony in the contiguous United States, they are in fact one of the world’s most biologically diverse environments.

The islands and surrounding waters have seen over 400 species of breeding and migrant birds. They also serve as a crucial haul out point for the six different species of marine mammals that breed on the islands. Read More about the history of the Farallon Islands.

Every year, OCSC takes a few groups out to the Farallon Islands aboard the 82′ Schooner Seaward to experience the magic and excitement as part of our Farrallones Sailing Adventure. Our next trip to the Farallones is on August 15th, which will be a good opportunity to potentially see a Humpback Whale or possibly even a Great White Shark! Don’t miss the chance to experience this exciting adventure!