Exclusive news! Four AC 72’s expected to hit SF Bay on Monday.

Oracle Team Racing Ready for Round Two!
Oracle Team Racing’s new wing has arrived. It was scheduled to be test mounted yesterday, today it will undergo stress testing, and they hope to launch tomorrow. It’ll be the first time Oracle Team Racing has sailed their AC72 in over 3 months!

Will they be cautious with their new toy, or will they hit the ground running to catch up with the other teams who have been operating daily on the Hauraki Gulf and right here on the bay? Either way, Oracle will have to watch out for high speed traffic because on Monday there is expected to be four AC72s plying the waters of San Francisco!

That’s right, in addition to Oracle Team Racing, Emirates Team New Zealand, Luna Rossa and Artemis Racing are expected to be sailing tomorrow. It will be the largest gathering of these towering monsters to date.

I had a chance to see Artemis Racing up close a few weeks ago while practicing for the 3 Bridge Fiasco with Steve Jones, owner of our J/80 “Nimbus.” We were making our way upwind toward the Golden Gate when Artemis came by us on a downwind run, and passes within 10 yards of us. As they sailed by, every member of the team smiled, waved and said “Hello.” Yes, they were THAT CLOSE!

If you want the best view of America’s Cup 72s you may ever get, go sailing this week. In fact, go sailing tomorrow…


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  1. Laurie Nardinelli

    Artimis and JP Morgan were out yesterday between 12:30 and 4:00. My sense is that the micro wind forecasts inside the bay drive their practice schedule more than clock time. I understand they are using the Sailflow/Wind Alert WRAMS models. Artimis came in quite close several times yesterday. Spectacular!

  2. Manny Lim

    This is one fabulous subject for telephoto shots! Is there a published schedule aside from tomorrow? What time is best to see these towering monsters? thanks!

  3. Noah

    Anyone know the best time to got out tomorrow to see the 72s?

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