Clipper Yacht Ventures- Guest Speaker

When: April 12, 7-9 PM
Where: OCSC Sailing Clubroom
What: Special guest speaker David Cusworth will be giving a presentation on what it takes to get on the popular Clipper Yacht Race!

Selecting who will take part in the Clipper Race is a hugely important task. Living on a yacht can be very testing. Living on a yacht with 20 other people while racing and being challenged by the elements for prolonged periods makes this even more testing.

Clipper are looking for a broad range of backgrounds, ages, experiences and characters – so there is no one right ‘person’. What is absolutely key is that you can work in a team, motivate yourself, motivate others, be honest and open and work for and support your crew mates – even when you feel like doing nothing more than going to sleep. There is no hiding place on a yacht so you need to be good with people, be tolerant, be very self-aware and at times make sacrifices for the good of the team.

You will find out more about the selection process, training, race, stopovers and personal logistics – medical insurance, visas, flights and how the berth fee is paid. We will talk about many of the challenges that you will face if you make it onto the race