Clipper Round The Word Yacht Race

Win a Spot to the Race of Your Life!


The Race



Clipper Round the World Yacht Race

a unique event – raced by people like you

  • 12 brand new 70-foot ocean racing yachts
  • 40,000-mile of circumnavigation
  • 15 races > 13 countries > 1 winner

This is a race that every sailor wants in their log book! You might start as a sailing novice but by the end of eleven months at sea you will have sailed in all conditions from the warm trade winds, through winter storms and the tropical heat of the doldrums, crossing the equator twice.

Anyone, even if they have never stepped on a boat before, can join the adventure and circumnavigate the world in an eleven month-long marathon.

The Spot Givaway

Win Leg 6 with BritWeek San Francisco

BritWeek San Francisco has teamed up with the Clipper Round the Word Yacht Race to offer the opportunity of a lifetime to compete in Leg 6 of the 2013-14 edition of this unique global event from China to San Francisco from March to April 2014.

Leg 6


Conquer the mighty Pacific Ocean

  • 1 race
  • 0oC – 22oC
  • 5,600mi / 9,000km
  • February 2014 – April 2014
  • Around 33 days

The prize includes all travel, insurance, protective clothing, accommodation and food for UK based training and race participation from Qingdao in China. No prior experience is required whatsoever. The pre-race Clipper Training programme takes complete novices and teaches them everything they need to know to be a safe and competent member of a race crew.

The winner will also become an ambassador for BritWeek on the race home which will arrive in San Francisco later next April, 2014. The winner will need to participate in media interviews and agree to be featured in photography and video of their participation in the selection, training and race, as required.

Once in a lifetime oppurtunity

The deadline for submitting an application is May 24, 2013 If you are ready for the race of your life, or if you are interested in nominating a candidate, then there are several things you should know:

  1. Read this page
  2. Download the application