Where in the World do you want to go?

2010-11 is going to be an exciting time to embark on an adventure with OCSC Sailing.  We’re going all over the world in pursuit of the best sailing and most exciting adventures. As always, feel free to call us about any or all of these trips!

2010 OCSC Turkey Flotilla

Dates: September 11 – 25th, 2010
Planning Party: Call for details!
Trip Leader: Anthony Sandberg
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2010 OCSC Machu Picchu Lodge to Lodge Trek
Dates: October 2nd – October 14th
Trek Leader: TBD
Planning Party:  TBD
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5 Cool iPhone Apps for Sailors!

We’re always keeping an eye on the latest and greatest in sailing technology.  One of the newest and most helpful pieces of technology we’ve found may already be in your pocket… the iPhone! The iPhone has quickly become a favorite tool for many SF Bay sailors. After searching through the app store, it’s easy to see why.  We found 5 apps that are particularly useful for sailors.  Leave a comment if you know of any we left out! A special thanks to Bruce Powell, OCSC Instructor, for the great advice!

1) Aye Tides
AyeTides displays tides and currents for locations around the world.
AyeTides is tuned for the iPhone and iPod Touch. It is a stand-alone application and does not require internet access to function. Have tides and currents at your fingertips at all times! An easy way to plan ahead or be helpful as crew.  

Aye Tides

2) MotionX GPS
MotionX GPS was designed by sailor/inventor/entrepreneur Philippe Kahn and was used by Kahn during his record setting Transpacific Run. The app has a virtual compass for navigation and a stopwatch to record time, distance, speed and average pace. It lets you email your tracks and waypoints with your photos so they can be viewed on Google Earth and Google Maps. It’s also available in MotionX GPS Lite.

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An Interview with Gar & Nicole, World Cruisers, OCSC Alum (Part 3 of 3)

Gar and Nicole Scuba Diving with Jellyfish

Gar and Nicole scuba diving in Palau, Micronesia ©Nicole Duke

Thanks so much to Gar and Nicole for taking the time for this interview with us.  If you missed the previous posts, be sure to check out Part 1 and Part 2.  Now back to our  cruising couple…

What has been your favorite experience since you’ve been out there?

[Gar]: Honestly, this is a tough one to try to pinpoint experiences, but three “places” have really stood out so far.  The first is the Tuamotu Islands of French Polynesia.  We had two of our best friends on for a month sailing around these beautiful atolls, snorkeling the passes, and just enjoying the peace and beauty of this part of the world.  When you get the opportunity to share such a magical place like this with best friends, it doesn’t get much better.

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An Interview with Gar & Nicole, world cruisers, OCSC alum (Part 1)

Gar and Nicole, World Cruisers, aboard the DreamKeeper

Gar and Nicole, World Cruisers, aboard the S/V DreamKeeper © Nicole Duke

Gar and Nicole are currently exploring the islands of Palau in Micronesia. The couple took classes at OCSC Sailing in preparation for their big adventure. They are now into their 3rd year of cruising aboard their beloved S/V DreamKeeper, and were nice enough to answer a few questions for us.

Be sure to also follow along on their adventures by reading their own blog and looking at the wonderful photos they post on their site. Here is the link to the S/V Dreamkeeper site with the “where are they” tracker: http://www.svdreamkeeper.com And here is their blog: http://svdreamkeeper.blogspot.com/ Without further ado… Part 1 of our three part interview with Gar & Nicole:

(OCSC) Do you remember how you first found out about OCSC?
(Gar): First we read everything we could on-line regarding the different sailing schools in the Bay and then looked at brochures and courses. OCSC consistently had great reviews. Then we saw you guys at the Green Festival. That pretty much decided for us.

(OCSC) Was this adventure you’re on now your motivation for seeking out lessons?
(Gar): Definitely. One day we sat down and looked at our lives together. What did we want to create for ourselves? What goals did we have together for the next 5 years? 10 years?

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