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Nick Jaffe aboard Constellation

Nick Jaffe aboard Constellation

Nick Jaffe is a 27 year old Australian, currently sailing singlehanded from Holland to Melbourne, Australia on a 26ft British sailing vessel named ‘Constellation‘.  Nick is currently docked in the Berkeley Marina as he seeks to continue his journey down under.  Nick officially departed  on the September 17th, 2007, from Monnikendam, Holland, after a passage from Southampton, England.

Nick will be coming to OCSC Clubroom to give a presentation on his voyage on Wednesday, May 27th at 8:30pm. The presentation will be going on immediately following the Wednesday Night Sails.  The event will be FREE for members and non-members alike. Bring your friends!

I’ll let Nick introduce himself…

My name is Nick, I am currently sailing singlehanded back home, to Melbourne, Australia. I first sailed a Tazer dinghy in 2003, before crewing in Melbourne, and taking a sailing course in Gibraltar in 2007. I then went on to crew, sail, and refit my own vessel (Constellation), in one of the world’s greatest training grounds: The Solent, UK. I’ve been living on my boat since May, 2007.

The voyage so far
I officially departed singlehanded, on the 17th of September, from Monnikendam, Holland, after a passage from Southampton, England with friends sharing portions of the trip in August, 2007. I sailed north from Vlissingen through the Dutch canal system into Amsterdam, and further on to Monnikendam.

After adding a windvane to Constellation, I turned back around, and headed south via the North Sea canal. I hit difficult conditions in the North Sea, and hopped back into the canals for a few days after passing Europort. In October of 2007, I crossed the Bay of Biscay, coast hopped to Lisbon, and sailed for ten days to the Canary Islands in January, 2008. On the 28th of April, 2008, I completed my singlehanded Atlantic crossing, from Gran Canaria in Spain, to Barbados, the Caribbean. After acquiring my US Visa in Barbados, I proceeded north, stopping at St Lucia, Dominica, Guadeloupe and Antigua. From Antigua I sailed non-stop to Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey, where I spent three nights before anchoring at Coney Island, and proceeding through Manhattan and into Long Island Sound. I am currently based in Greenport, Long Island.

I am a 25 26 27 year old Australian, artist and software developer. I completed my fine arts degree at the Victorian College of the Arts in 2005, and wish to culminate this trip into an exhibition at my final arrival point in Melbourne 2008 2009 (?). I have worked professionally as a programmer since age 17, and work whenever I can from harbours on route. I am for hire. Before and while I am at sea, this site will be consistantly updated, in an an attempt to go from no boat and next to no money, into realising a mammoth expedition. This website is my method of diarising the unfolding of this project, wholly and openly to the public.

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