Oracle and the Americas Cup

By April Thygeson

Larry Ellison’s Oracle Racing Team won the America’s Cup in Valencia in 2010. Although the challengers were undoubtedly disappointed to not bring home the cup themselves, in the long run they and their sport may end up benefitting dramatically from the Oracle win. Spurred by his victory, Larry Ellison has invested $300 million in the next America’s Cup.

This America’s Cup will be different from anything the sailing world has seen before. First, the boats will feature wingsails instead of fabric mainsails, which will allow the catamarans to accelerate from zero to 20 knots in just a few seconds. The speeds with which the carbon-fiber catamarans will whip around the race course will ensure a high level of crowd-pleasing drama.

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Welcome David Gross and his J105 “Nirvana” to the OCSC Family!

So you can learn more about David, Tim one of our Club Managers led the following interview…
Hello David, when and where did you learn how to sail?
I learned to sail in the San Francisco Bay when I moved here from Los Angeles in 2004.   My father-in-law, Peter Heilbrun, was a partner in aCatalina 36, so that was the first boat I ever sailed.  He later
bought a 1962 Rhodes Meridian pocket cruiser, before he caught the racing bug and purchased Nirvana.    I was unemployed at the time, and Peter was retired, so we spent a lot time sailing the Bay on the Catalina and the Meridian (and later on Nirvana). Two of the more memorable trips were sailing down the coast to Monterey, and up to Petaluma through the San Pablo Bay and Petaluma River. I was hooked, and I’ve been sailing as much as I can ever since, mostly on the Bay, but I’ve also chartered in the BVIs and the Med.

How long have you owned Nirvana?
I’ve owned Nirvana with my wife, Sarah Kate, and her family since 2006.
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