Anthony Sandberg, OCSC President & Founder, featured in Dartmouth Alumni Magazine

Anthony Sandberg, OCSC President & Founder

Anthony Sandberg, OCSC President & Founder, was recently featured in the Dartmouth Alumni Magazine.  The article touches on Anthony’s days at Dartmouth, his many adventures after college, and the story of how OCSC was conceived.

On San Francisco Bay winds regularly blow 25 knots and swirling tides create a chop that can turn even high-tech mega-yachts into floundering bathtub boats.  This 400-square-mile inland sea has been called the Mount Everest of sailing – which makes it the perfect place for Anthony Sandberg to operate a sailing school.

“If you were going to start a ski school, well, you could do it where there’s just a rope tow,” he says, “but that’s not as much fun.” Read the entire article…

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  1. Don Shafer

    Hi Anthony. Since I first saw you sail with my bro Ron, you have come a long way. Last Sat. on my Santana 525, we were almost one of those flounder boats. However, because of the Ron in me, we did prevail. Good luck with your ongoing endeavor with OCSC activity and life..

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